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Credit Check: All True

By only

Tuesday April 1, 2008

- 1 Three already-rich motherfuckers got fired from ICBC for their crappy car scandal. How can these three already-rich motherfuckers be to blame though? This is what BC is about. This is what BC is for. Give ‘em a nice severance.

+1 The Medical Services Plan will now be covering acupuncture, and the even more effective, but lesser known, anal bead therapy. You just feel so good after.

+1 Starting tomorrow, VANOC is promising to only use free-range sweatshop goods. These guys can’t tell if they love or hate China or what, they just want the cocaine.

+1 The Union Gospel Mission got a pretty, purple makeover! Crack is done for.

- 1 The Parks Board voted and the hollow tree comes down. Stanley Park has been canceled. New industrial park. Chicken refinery.

Today: +1 This Year: - 121