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Credit Check: It's Getting So Lonely Inside This Bed

By only

Monday March 31, 2008

±0 All humans love kiddie-porn (prison deaths) and love to hear about them. Apparently he squealed like a pig when he died, everybody!

+1 Now, no smoking 16 feet around any building with an odd address on major roads South of 1st Avenue, or 35 feet around any property worth more than $450,000. Also, no looking at cigarette packs.

- 1 The BC Solicitor General awkwardly stepped down because of some land fuckery over in the bible belt, and no solicitor general means no law, which means you can start looting anytime, but no kiddie-porn or smoking please, thanks.

±0 Oh, h-hey BC, you saved 125 megawatts of power during Earth Hour. Way to go! Does it still taste funny inside your mouth? What does it taste like?

- 1 As it turns out, everybody down at the airport spoke Polish and they were all “It’s cool, Rob, have an energy bar.”, but he was all, “no way – I’m fucking nuts!”, and that’s why they had to murder him.

Today: - 1 This Year: - 122