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Credit Check: Bull Durham

By only

Thursday March 27, 2008

±0 Is that snow? In June? Translink has opened the portal! It is the end times!

+1 Apparently, there’s more to men’s health than penises, prostates, vasectomies and circumcision, but it all sounds pretty gross and gay. Let’s go smoke.

- 2 As there’s been so many pesky deaths involving tasers lately, the RCMP is hoping to fix up future reports to read ‘died honorably of shame’ whenever they kill someone for no good reason. Approved! Everyone will feel much better. Stay in your homes.

+2 Woah, the Minister of Environment bailed on putting a power plant in the middle of a provincial park? That doesn’t sound right… Maybe he thought he was at a different meeting. Maybe he thought he was having a nightmare.

- 1 The next time you’re listening to talk radio (don’t) and some jackass calls in and starts kissing some Conservative Party asshole’s balls, It’s probably complete horse shit. Wait… Oh yeah, it’s always complete horse shit. All except for Coast to Coast AM (Art Bell era, natch).

Today: ±0 This Year: - 120