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Credit Check: Fight For What's Right

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Monday March 24, 2008

±0 Pierre, if you’re tired of reelin’ in the years at the Couche-Tard, you could always do it out here and pay more rent and have less to do. Please come.

- 1 Dude keeps breaking into grandpa and punching him in his face! Don’t.

- 1 A Vancouver Island chocolate factory is now officially cavity search. Stay in your homes.

+2 A BC herbalist (375) has discovered the cure for baldness, and can make an elixir for +20 to hit rating. PST your mats.

±0 Man, this week’s protest at the Catholic Church was intense! Everybody ate mushrooms and the ‘you murdered my ancestors’ sign got cream soda slurpee all over it. Best party in town.

Today: ±0 This Year: - 117