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Credit Check:Pots 'o' Gold

By only

Monday March 17, 2008

±0 Give em a wide berth because rich ass schmucks be voting today.

- 1 Them pesky residential school victims attacked the Holy Rosary Catholic Church again this weekend. When Catholics get really mad their heads go bright red, just like Christmas. See you next Sunday!

- 1 Considering the pain that the jocks down on Granville St. have been giving the cops on Friday nights since forever, the mayor is opting to partial road closures on the really sexually frustrated weekends to help deter further rapes and murders. Didn’t Granville just get re-opened up a few years ago? Wasn’t it supposed to be part of… oh, just forget it. Sam, you’re doing a great job, bro.

±0 Now officially ex-folk singer Jewel has offered to sacrifice the very last shred of her celebrity for a BC power plant. It feels so 10 years overdue, but R.I.P. Jewel’s celebrity. It was a real fighter.

Today: - 2 This Year: - 109