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Credit Check: Smackin' the Butts

By only

Friday March 14, 2008

+1 City hall is trying to hire 1000 new cops, and everybody’s absolutely convinced that more police in the City of Vancouver would reduce crime (within the area visible from any window in every city police station, except for the one on Main). Good!

-1 That really way too old political gay porn gangbang dude is free! He pleaded guilty but they still threw it out of court! No problem!

+1 Does anyone want to come over this weekend and start planning the cool documentary about the potentially tearful Coldplay/Black Mountain reunion down at the new, choice Pemberton Music Festival? We can call it “I paid $239.50” and it will define our generation.

±0 This story in The Province about some meatball from Whistler is hardly news, but at least the entire thing is retarded. Thanks for being you, The Province. People don’t say that enough.

Today: +1 This Year: - 107