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Credit Check: Scully

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Thursday March 13, 2008

- 1 The simp who crashed that ferry is finally sorry that he was scrapping with his ex-old lady about that time he called her bum porridge when he should’ve been driving the damned ship. It was an honest mistake though, and afterwards he said her bum was not actually porridge.

+1 God, first a guy in a wheelchair and now a potentially ethnic mayor? Where’s the evil, old, fat, straight, child-beating, drunken, sweating, red-faced white man that everybody else gets? C’mon.

- 2 It looks like the sea-level around the Lower Mainland is rising for some stupid reason... Strange.

±0 Canada’s Next Top Model’s first victim has recently become the victim of a completely different type of assault. But this one was just with a knife and not with life-long shame on tape. Bonus kvetching about the modeling industry included.

+1 Dave Duchovny, reluctantly licking Vancouver’s balls.

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