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Credit Check: Cheers, Buddy, Buddy

By only

Friday March 7, 2008

- 2 Wait a minute, somehows them Langley kids with no hands managed to get their crystal meth pipe bomb down to the Metrotown? With no hands? More importantly though, is the Roasty Jack OK?

- 2 No, wait, yes, no… Wait… Hmm, could be, no. Sandwiches? Alright. Nope, sure, ummm… Yes! Murder. Surrey. Last month. For sure.

+1 You may not believe this to be true, but the city is actually looking into a fun and reasonable public transportation option. Too bad it’s taken about a million years to be taken seriously, is just for yuppies, and will probably never happen, but that stuff’s always fun and funny.

±0 OH NOES, Spirit Eagles! Run, just run. RUN! Never look back.

- 1 First the P-Swayz, and now Tag the sea lion. Curse this wretched affliction. All the best, Tag and Pat.

Today: - 4 This Year: - 98