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Credit Check: The Worst Kind

By only

Wednesday March 5, 2008

- 1 The crackers down at the Red Robin refused to serve a pair of black ladies because they were black, and then the lady got a fine?! But the argument is this: with the amount of black diners that have died of disappointment at local Red Robins over the past few years, it was for the best. He was trying to save them.

- 1 Some gross fucker working as care home staff in some crappy old folks home was caught taking filthy photos of senior’s free swinging nuts and jugs? It’s probably true because they’re not saying again. The macaroni is shitty too, btw.

- 1 Yes, It’s getting so ghetto, dangerous and kinky for granny and grandpa out there. Evil junkies are even lying and stealing from hospitalized amputee seniors, but for some reason the old farts keep coming. It must be dementia.

±0 another study is, said that BC are the smarter but than. is said still so inbred dumb loud and clear.

Today: - 3 This Year: - 91