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Credit Check: Three are Better than Two

By only

Monday March 3, 2008

+1 Thank fuck. They finally finished digging out the god awful Canada Line hole, and because of the delay, everyone gets a half hour to test it out. Serious, just go down there and tell them you want a half hour with the hole.

- 1 Canada is determined to send the quadriplegic old dude that snuck in back to India today. Everyone is disgusting! Yay!

- 1 There’s been a lot of argument lately about tearing down all the old scary looking schools in Vancouver and building new, smaller crappy looking schools with condos on the side, yep. So Jesus came and burned one of the old scary ones to prove that they’re better, and they are. Thanks again Jeez!

- 1 Canadian Braille rocker Jeff Healey died after a long scrap with the cancer. This calls for a tribute. Crank it up, kiss your lover, and be thankful you can see their nipples.

Today: - 2 This Year: - 88