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Credit Check: In Tradition With The Family Plan

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Friday February 29, 2008

- 1 There’s been more Secret! Columbine-esque! Anonymous! Threats! (that’s SCAT) thrown at a Vancouver area post-secondary institution. This time it’s all going down or not at Douglas College in Coquitlam, and exactly what and where is that supposed to be? Never heard of it. Must be way out there. Moving on…

- 1 Terrible news: Somehow the largest cockring in Canada got broken. Pride is months away, so someone must’ve been trying to put it on a hor*… Ohh, wait, sorry. That’s cock fighting ring. A cockfighting ring… In that case, great job. Sorry about that.

±0 An East Van biker used the words precedents and “prejudicial”, and had a snappy suit on.

±0 Hackers are using evil internets softamaware to grab up all the best tickets for all the worst shows, and then selling them back to unsuspecting knobs just dying to put themselves through two and a half hours of Elton John. And this, kiddies, is the circle of life.

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