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Credit Check:Laid Off

By only

Thursday February 28, 2008

- 1 Yes! The Province is always so very relentlessly retarded. Compare that touching piece about the junkie assaulting a senior in a church not getting the gulag with this one, or heh… this one, and then compare it with this one. Stew, seniors.

±0 According to a Surrey Christian newspaper writer’s side project, some old dudes offered a dead dude money to be a white dude back when he was a sick dude, and the sick dude kicked them right in their arse! Do you smell TV Movie???

- 1 The landscapers who are in charge of erecting the new bidet at Queen Elizabeth park are suing the city for doing crazy shit like changing the bidet’s design 85 times. Sounds about right, they’re probably getting off lucky.

±0 A BC Mountie got fired for slanging hot dang to lonely housewives via the Lavalife via the office computer. Hot random Mountie office internet dang! Do you smell a photo shoot???

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