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Credit Check: On the Streets of Philadelphia

By only

Wednesday February 27, 2008

- 2 One Surrey teen is in a coma and another was found dead, face down in the road. Happy Anti-Bullying Day everyone!

±0 BC Hydro has proposed a new two-tiered billing system where you can, A) Pay 6.98 cents per kilowatt hour, or B) Drop off your daughters down at the Port of Vancouver tonight at Midnight?! Is that right?! But what for?!

- 1 And if you’re going to spend the afternoon gently jerking off into a Tim Horton’s cup to the peaceful sound of playing children in your car beside a playground today, make sure you have car insurance, and tissues, natch. Just a heads up.

- 1 Who’d couldv’e known that tasers and massage parlours went so well together? A man in Kamloops had to beg a few times for it, but when the cops finally tased his ass it was all worth it. They’re calling it “The Golden Cuttlefish”, and you can ask for it by name.

Today: - 4 This Year: - 82