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Credit Check: Novocaine for the Wrist

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Monday February 25, 2008

- 1 More wonderful Vancouver real estate carnage bliss. If you’re one of the knobs who bought into the crappy cardboard condo on Sophia and 11th, this is what you get for trying to move that far East. Stay in your Kits.

- 1 With all the upcoming homeless insurrections and the economic Caligulating, not to mention the cheesiness of the entire event, it’s nice to know that rich people can find a way to get their hands dirty and protest the Olympics too. No ladies ski jumping, no peace? The tear-jerker: “This is wrong and I can tell you, Canada is going to miss out on some medals if we don’t turn this around”.

- 2 RCMP are trying to identify the victim in the shooting death of a man on the Katsie #2 First Nations Reserve. The man was found wearing women’s jeans and pretty much every facet of the Vancouver media have decided that he was wearing a jacket with a “No Shady” logo, proving again that they are helpless to use google AKA do research AKA function.

±0 After years of tireless study, the Vancouver Police and Bar Watch Association have finally figured out how to deter weekend violence on the Granville St. Gauntlet again. This time it’s… A red sticker! You put it right on the door! Trust fund jocks instantly become bi-curious pacifists when they see it.

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