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Credit Check: Valedictory

By only

Friday February 22, 2008

±0 The Vancouver Police Dept. has announced a new classification for criminals that commit 12 or more crimes a year; they call ‘em super chronic offenders and these motherfuckers are seriously super chronic. Just stay in your homes.

±0 Hippies attacked Gordon Campbell’s Kitsilano office with latex paint, and not only are they in shit with the cops, but just imagine how spilling all that paint has affected their carbon footprint.

+1 Peter Ladner and Gregor Robertson both announced that they’re making a bid for mayor Sam Sullivan’s chair yesterday. It can be difficult to defend Cunnilingus Sam sometimes but SWEET JESUS HE NEEDS THAT CHAIR TO LIVE, you perfectly able bastards. This is just senseless.

Today: +1 This Year: - 74