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Credit Check: The Game is the Game

By only

Thursday February 21, 2008

- 1 Heads up today, big flaming satellite chunks might actually rain down on you, all because of America. Between a meteorite, a lunar eclipse and raining satellites, BC’s just a regular old vagina of science this week. Gay!

- 1 Apparently to some folks in the DTES, bullet holes in windows are something worth keeping. It’s a badge of honor he says, worth 1000 Canucks jerseys in jock cred.

- 1 Well if you’re looking for confirmation that the new carbon tax is even remotely useful, they hate it in Ottawa and no want, so that’s gotta mean something good doesn’t it?

- 2 Since Willie’s arrest, a steady flow of Vancouver’s prostitute ladies have still been going missing... So how does Pickton do it? By fax?! EXPLAIN!

Today: - 5 This Year: - 75