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Credit Check: Just a Noob

By only

Wednesday February 20, 2008

+1 The BC government imposed a pretty cheeky carbon tax yesterday that’s already pissing off many a retarded suburban commuter, and’ll make the province a steaming pile o’ guilt money. Sadly, they’ll probably spend all that money on either phenomenally ugly 2010 Olympic jackets or… gas?

- 1 The sole survivor of that 2006 arson on Cassiar St. that killed his mom and siblings and girlfriend and pets and probably soul is the same guy who pulled off all them January bank robberies. But, but, but, but, but, but why would he do something like that??? Putting that guy in jail is officially bad karma, FYI.

- 1 Graham McMynn explained to the BC Supreme Court that on day eight his captors made him smoke weed for the first time and then laughed at him. Then everybody at the trial laughed at him, the poor noob.

- 1 Coincidentally, in the midst of their week-long news series about property crime the CBC offices got robbed. No confirmation yet as to the condition or location of Gloria Macarenko’s lucky hand-held electric razor. It’s a Braun.

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