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Credit Check: The Wolf

By only

Friday February 15, 2008

+1 They found the guy that blew up the Taco Del Marred. Guy blew up himself 40% in the process, then lazily took two cabs to the hospital. The whole thing is weird and awesome and the little part with the pills is cool too. Thanks a lot.

+1 The BC Government is stepping up and buying up a pile of crummy Vancouver hotels for low-income housing (starting as low as $439,999).

- 1 For some crazy ass reason, severed feet are showing up on the gulf islands.

+1 Haha, a fella got arrested for walking into the McDonald’s on Thurlow dressed up like an RCMP officer and laying it into his old lady on the ketchup dispenser for VD.

±0 Jimmy Pattison bought the Guiness Book of World Records. It’s not a real big deal really, but it’s kind of gay. Have a great weekend.

Today: +2 This Year: - 63