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Credit Check: The Final Countdown

By only

Tuesday February 12, 2008

±0 As you’ve probably heard ten times today, it’s two years until the 2010 Olympic riot. Dibs on the Lululemon, those pants make the chubby side parts of vajayjays look so smooth and nice smelling.

- 2 To commemorate today’s special countdown date, two DTES hotels handed out official Olympic eviction notices to their mostly disabled tenants. And they’re going to build cool condos!

- 1 According to the Province, the cops successfully kept a group of 2010 protesters away from ‘the lunch crowd’ down at the Hyatt. The lunch crowd was fucking terrified and had to wash their hands three times afterwards.

+1 Sure the Olympics are shaping up to be the elephantine disaster they’re supposed to be, but on the other hand, they’re totally hiring!

Today: - 2 This Year: - 60