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Credit Check: Atlantis

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Monday February 11, 2008

- 1 Again somebody shot one of them misguided youths, this time at a community centre parking lot in North Vancouver. Did anybody watch the Grammys?

- 2 Repent! The superbug has arrived and it’s tired of eating DTES junkies. It’s hungry for yuppie, hungry for Kitsilano.

- 1 Fists all over the lower mainland shake in unison as that fare increase finally equates to a foolishly massive raise for the minions of the dark lord Translink. But all is not lost; prophecy speaks of a magical German Shepherd puppy that can close the portal…

- 1 The best place on earth, you say? It’s February and they’ve announced summer water restrictions for the Okanagan. Let’s just start building the refugee camps now.

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