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Credit Check: The Long and Winding Road

By only

Wednesday February 6, 2008

- 1 More threats down at the UBC! If anyone inside the building is reading this, there’s been an Al-Qaeda attack; you’re supposed to get under your desk, take off your shirt, urinate on it, cover your mouth and nose, and wait until the men come to get you! THIS IS SERIOUS!

+1 The city saved themselves a few pesos last summer during that wretched strike and to make nice they’ve decided to dole out some property tax breaks. If only you owned one of them there homes…

- 1 Jim Pattison’s Overwaitea Food Group is pushing for 2-hour shifts, which at starting wage makes out to $17 a day! But Urban Faire just got those Haitian mud cakes in and they’re really surprisingly cheap, so those guys will be A-OK.

±0 Failed chef Rob Feenie has been hired by the Cactus Club restaurant chain. Please, please, please as a waitress.

Today: - 1 This Year: - 52