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Credit Check: Going Mensa

By only

Tuesday February 5, 2008

+1 Because those goddamned crazy bastards are so annoying and crazy, Sam annoyed the shit out of Gordo hard enough to motivate Gordo to promise Sam a brand new crazy house. Please make a contest to name it.

- 1 A gang of honorable bank robbers showed an impressively gentle use of force when they pepper sprayed a Hastings St. Scotiabank after making a withdrawal. They probably didn’t even reach for their tasers once.

±0 The Hells Angels have been getting the shit prosecuted out of them for months without anyone knowing?! But why for???

±0 Vancouver sold $2.5 billion in building permits in 2007. That’s a record, an assload, and probably means more downtown 7-11s.

- 1 Sure, the VW Bug off the bridge is always a classic, but the UBC engineering kids went Mensa on everybody this year and… spray painted the Stanley Park gun? Just about any jackass can do that, no?

Today: - 1 This Year: - 51