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Credit Check: The Annoying Cycle

By only

Monday February 4, 2008

- 2 Hi. Another kid got killed in Vancouver over the weekend. How’s it going?

- 1 Vancouver’s goddamned crazy people are annoying the shit out of the cops, and the goddamned cops are therefore annoying the shit of Sam Sullivan, and now he is annoying the shit out of you. This is how it works.

- 1 Junkies are stealing the Telus’ phone lines and internet pipes like crazy, and over the weekend almost half the burbs had to go back to playing cards and making babies to pass the time. Therein lies the real tragedy; suburbanites making babies.

+1 Salty 2010 Olympics defiance prevails as somebody staged the first annual Vancouver Poverty Bumlympics. Can you imagine Disabled Joe doing the poverty line jump? Hilarious fail.

Today: - 3 This Year: - 50