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Credit Check: Free Chocolate Bars!

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Friday November 30, 2007

±0 Good news for the citizens of Vancouver: Sam Sullivan has decided to pass the money the city saved during the garbage strike on to the tax payers! Bad news for the citizens of Vancouver: The city only saved $2 million, and there are over 500,000 of you guys. Go out buy yourself a shiny new Snickers bar, compliments of the city!

±0 Metro Vancouver is expected to expand by 800,000 people by the year 2031, which is… news?

+2 A new super fast AIDS test has just been invented, with the ability to find out if you’re infected in a minute flat. While no home kit has been announced yet, imagine how the face of one night stands would change. “Hold on a sec, I gotta check if you’ve got AIDS… [tick, tick tick] Oh… Well… Better double bag it.”

+1 Peter Garrett, the former lead singer of Australian band Midnight Oil, has been named Australia’s new Environment Minister, officially giving Australia the most rockin’ government since Diefenbaker nailed that cover of “Chantilly Lace” in the house of commons back in ’58.

+1 All of a sudden, Russia is the new Japan, which was the new Saudi Arabia, which was the new Texas.

Today: + 4 This Year: - 144