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Tasers on Youtube

By Chuck Ansbacher

Friday November 16, 2007

Well Vancouver, we’re finally on the map. The video of the guy getting tasered to death by the RCMP at the airport has quickly shot straight to the top of the most watched videos on YouTube, meaning that now, the entire world knows that we’re the coolest. As things tend to go on YouTube (and the internet in general) a lot of random people have some pretty intelligent stuff to say about what went down at YVR. Thus far, there are 3,910 comments. We went through and cherry-picked some that we thought were the best:

- I support tasering and it should be used against people who resist arrest. They didn’t even try to arrest him! I feel sry for the guy, I can’t imagine being in a place where no one understands me and I have no where to go.

- They had a guy freaking out in an airport post 9/11 out of control not responding to orders…sure they could have tried to tackle him and but themselves at more risk but lets face it the taser has been sold to police as the safest tool they have and they are trained to use it so no one else gets hurt.

- Fukin pigs! these hyped up trigger happy cowboy cops are a disgrace to the USA

- This is just the one time somebody actually recorded it. bet this happens all the time…

- Im a canadian and im ashamed of that because rcmp killed this guy he was from poland and i bet poland hates this place called “freedom” ya right…

- He didnt have to die like this cry!

- I don’t care if he didn’t know English, French,Swahili whatever, I’m sure he knew right from wrong and in this day and age you SURE don’t want to be tearing up an airport!

- Ron Paul peace &personal liberties

- LOL at the dumbass stepping in front at 6 minutes.

- Worst customer service ever at that airport

- I don’t know the whole story, but this is awful