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Ann Coulter is Mad About Jew

By Chuck Ansbacher

Friday October 12, 2007

If it weren’t enough to have all women, Muslims, famous people, gays and liberals hating the gross, poopy pants out of Ann Coulter, well, now Jews can hate her too. (Wait, aren’t all liberals Jews?) Yesterday on some TV show, Ann basically said that in her ideal world, all Jews would be “perfected” to Christianity (you can read some of the transcript here).

Unfortunately for Ann, unlike women, Muslims, famous people, gays and liberals, Jews fight back. Because her comments were so blatantly anti-semitic, some enterprising gentiles over at Bragster have decided to throw Coulter to the Jews, and are offering $1,000 US dollars to the first person crafty enough to capture video of themselves pelting Ann Coulter with bagels. Surely not as large a sum as the inevitable personal suit Coulter is guaranteed to file, but still, quite a princely sum for doing God’s work. So, while this is Canada and Ann lives in America (242 Seabreeze Ave Palm Beach, FL to be exact), we encourage all eager and experienced bagel tossers to stock up on day olds at Solly’s and hop on a Greyhound. Practice your aim, and get this bitch with a bagel right between the eyes.