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Monday August 20, 2007

- 4 Listening to an iPod increases your chances of being mugged in Vancouver while simply living in Vancouver increases your chances of being mugged.

- 9 As the chain-wielding man shot dead by Vancouver police is identified as local animator Paul Boyd, more witnesses come forward to describe the shooting as “unnecessary.” Well, maybe, but how do these “witnesses” expect the cops to stop a guy who is running away from them? They haven’t invented a gun that shoots chill pills yet. (Update: Actually, they have. It’s called a taser… or tranquilizer. Why the fuck was this guy shot?)

+3 The Portland Hotel Society has filed a lawsuit that would block any attempt by the federal government to close Vancouver’s safe injection site. Let’s hope they filed it carefully under “P” for prettysurethatsnevergonnafuckinghappen.

+2 FOX cancels The 1/2 Hour Hour, it’s right-wing news satire show. Producer Mark Surnow assures everyone it’s not because Conservatives aren’t funny. Just the one’s that wrote for The 1/2 Hour Hour.

+2 Men’s magazine Stuff stops publishing, leaving millions of men wondering how to find the g-spot.

+5 CBC’s The National reports on Canada’s outdated libel laws and why we can’t say anything about people like Wayne Crookes, the BC businessman suing Google and Yahoo, names without being sued.

+5 The Globe & Mail runs an article about how a little Nova Scotian city helps terrorists. Academic and columnist Michael Geist calls bullshit.

+3 In yesterday’s debates, Democratic Presidential candidates were asked whether they believed prayer could avert tragedy. Using the opportunity to assert their ethnicity, Barack Obama answered “Totally dude!” to which Hillary Clinton responded “Nigga please.”

Today: +7 This Year: +189