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Make a wish and then pick a fight

By Alan Hindle

Sunday August 12, 2007

If anyone’s interested, the Perseid meteor showers start this evening from about 9pm in the north east (around the constellation of Perseus, hence the name) and will peak about 2am, Monday morning. I think it’s a sliver moon tonight, so if it stays clear you should be able to see falling stars every couple minutes or so. It’s just big lumps of frozen dust burning up in our atmosphere as we pass through the cloud left behind by Comet Swift Tuttle once upon a time, but it was very pretty last year, so I mention it. Also, for any zodiac types, Mars will be a-glowing extra red-hot-punchy just a little below the Perseids, in the constellation of Taurus. I don’t know much about Astrology, but that must make it a Double Bull for you to enjoy. So get out there and make a wish or a hundred and then pick a fight. I suggest you scrap with the Aquariuses. They’ve had ten thousand years in the spotlight, enough is enough already.