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Credit Check

By Darren Atwater

Tuesday May 29, 2007

+ 5 Hurry! The Victoria SPCA is blowing out Chinchillas for $50 each! It’s Chinchilla-o-rama. If you are not there, you had better be in jail. And if you are in jail, break out.

+ 1 Australian appointed as new BC auditor general. First up, an investigation into shrimps-on-the-barbie, how come water drains the wrong way, why that is not a knife–this is a knife, and why are Chinchillas practically being given away in Victoria.

- 5 Showing he is made of the same stuff as Premier Campbell after his drunk-driving arrest, PoCo mayor Scott Young demonstrates an alleged assault on his girlfriend won’t stop his leadership.

+ 5 Mining company raids fast food joints for staff. Makes sense, both are depend on unskilled labour, both cause destruction in whatever neighbourhood they are in, and both deliver petroleum products to the consumer.

+ 1 Air Canada starts offering $20 carbon credits to allow passengers to make their flight carbon neutral. Honestly, just send $10 to Credit Check and we’ll absolve you for everything for a year.

+10 Vancouver Park Board looks into creating a 40 metre observation tower in Queen Elizabeth park.

Today +17 This Year +142