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Podcast Episode Two: Kitten, In The Wall

By Cameron Reed

Friday April 13, 2007

Only Magazine presents…

Vancouver Music Podcast – Episode Two: Kitten, In The Wall

We would think that it’s a shame that Canadian radio waves are soon to be dominated by one company, if mainstream radio wasn’t already dead. Just this morning on the way to breakfast we heard a new Nickleback song with lyrics about a desire for “a brand new house on an episode of Cribs.” This is what Canadian radio has produced. Thanks.

Here is a taste of what’s going on in Vancouver in terms of folk, organic noise and experimental electronic accordion-programming in a traditional European folk style. Every month there will be a brand new mix of all-Vancouver music. Last month’s mix can be found here.

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In this episode:

Organ Trail – Populating The New Frontier (Only Interview)
Dullmoofs – untitled [Ed. – second discernible track of what was submitted]
Rowan Lipkovitz (of The Creaking Planks )- In The Old Country, We make Techno Like This.
Ora Cogan – Worry (Only Review)
L. Abramson – Hallmark Poultry Ltd.
Ian Wyatt – Anne & Phil
Weathered Pines – Solitaire
Ice Palace – Alexandria
Aerosol Constellations – Track 3

Do you play music in Vancouver? Good for you.
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