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Ask a Doer: A Call for Evolution

By only

Thursday April 12, 2007

Two of Only’s favorite local artists are in a three-way collabo opening tonight: Sean Maxey, Andy Dixon and Wendy Oakman present…A Call For Evolution.

We don’t really have bars in Vancouver like other cities. Other than the Brickhouse or Bosman’s the Barclay, there are very few places that people can go to just hang out and drink. Bars are final destination points, we’re migratory partiers. Which is cool because art shows end up becoming de facto destinations. So those people that complain about Vancouver being boring or that there is nothing to do are just art-haters with no bikes or bus passes.

Winning (Andy’s band), The Doers (Maxey’s band), and Rex Mattress (from Portland) will be performing. Mattress does an amazing sort of dark, lo-fi noise-lounge, and he’s one of the nicest guys we’ve ever met. There will also be a pinata, cheese plate, and beer.

Free Admission! Not Free Beer. It starts 8pm at Anti-Social Skateshop Alley Entrance (2425 Main)