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Book Of Lists

Book Of Lists photo by Mark Soo

By Sarah Cordingley

Friday February 18, 2005

Do You Believe in Magic?

On my way to meet Chris Frey on a sunny coffee shop patio, I had what I thought was the good fortune to run into another Book of Lister, Trevor Larson. Turns out, this “coincidence” was more likely a result of some T.B.O.L. sorcery. Apparently, their powers weren’t strong enough to summon Brady Cranfield and Laura Nicole Piasta. But you can tell they’re up to something witchy.

ONLY: Who recorded your upcoming album?
Chris Laurence Mark Heinz Frey: We did it at The Hive with Joshua Wells and Colin Stuart. They’re the production team I insist on.
Trevor Lee Larson: We did seven songs in two days.
ONLY: Was it a stressful two days?
C: I kind of started to lose my mind, actually. Just because I felt a lot of pressure. It felt like my baby in a way. I was getting really intense about it and I was really second guessing everything I was doing. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to add more or less. I decided just to take a stripped-down approach: minimal overdubs, live off the floor. That turned out the best. But it still sounds really large.
ONLY: Why are you called The Book of Lists?
C: Josh Wells is my roommate. I went into his room one day and he had a copy of The Book of Lists sitting on his stereo.
T: Really?
C: I saw it and I thought, “that sounds intense, that would be a great band name.” Enter The Book of Lists. Brady and I had been playing together before under the name Crowns. It was actually before I knew how to play guitar. So I decided to come back to having a good drummer after I knew how to play guitar.
ONLY: Do you write lists for your self? Do you keep your own Book of Lists?
C: Yeah, I do actually. That’s pretty embarrassing.
ONLY: Are you a Virgo?
C: No, I’m a Sagittarius. But I do. And I think everybody does. Book of Lists just conveys some kind of importance. It sounds like something old and… maybe magical, or biblical. Maybe powerful. Maybe Destructive… I don’t know.
ONLY: You guys are into magic?
C: Yeah, we’re into a bit of sorcery.
T: We have two practices a week and one séance.
ONLY: Do you really practice twice a week?
C: We have been. We’re trying very hard. It’s cool because we’ve only been around since last August and it has a lot of momentum. We’re already anxious to record our next record.
ONLY: Are you going to put your first record out first?
C: Yeah, The Book of Lists Red Arrows will be coming out on Global Symphonic. I think the release date is April 5.
ONLY: Why isn’t Brad McKinnon in your band?
C: That’s a good question. He could easily be in our band, but Brady’s the drummer in our band. Brad is an unofficial fifth member. He can shake some tambourine if he likes. (Laughs) Actually, we do have an unofficial fifth member; it’s Joshua Wells, who laid down some sweet tambo tracks on the recording. I think he’s going to be performing with us on Friday night. He’s got really good tambo style.
ONLY: Do you sing with a British accent, Chris?
C: Not intentionally. I’m sure I’ll catch some shit because it probably sounds like I am. I’ve actually consciously tried to not sing like that. But I think that’s strange to have to consciously do something, so I might as well do whatever comes naturally. There’s like 20 bands in Vancouver that sing like they’re from Texas. What difference does it make? You should just play how you like to. People have always said that about my singing, in The Measure and Radio Berlin. I just enunciate well.
ONLY: Those Brits, famous for their enunciation.
C: World famous.

Book Of Lists plays The Lamplighter Friday, Feb 18, 2005 with S.T.R.E.E.T.S. and Ladyhawk