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The Only History Lesson: Daddy's Hands

By Cameron Reed

Friday March 23, 2007

Only Magazine presents…

  Vancouver Music History Lesson: Daddy’s Hands

Daddy’s Hands last album, Welcome Kings, was just released on Kill Devil Hills Records. Sadly, Dave Wenger, the bands founder, past away in November of 2006. It’s a brilliant album and possibly some of the best songs that Dave ever wrote. Since the rest of Daddy’s Hands music is pretty much impossible to find (until KDH reissues them) we decided to put together a compilation of some of our favorite Daddy’s Hands tracks from the last decade (with a few from Welcome Kings as a teaser). Enjoy.

I Went Back In Time (2007 – Welcome Kings)
There Won’t Be A Next Time (2000 – Tutankhamen)
Don’t Go (1996 – Self-Titled)
French Made Simple (2007 – Welcome Kings)
Lady Bingo (2000 – Tutankhamen)
Skyscratchers (1997 – Ghost in the Bong)
Don’t Know How Not To (1997 – Intelligent and Powerful)
Incest at Best (2000 – Tutankhamen)
Doctor Small (1996 – Self-Titled)
Strangled Planet (1997 – Intelligent and Powerful)
Homewrecker (2007 – Welcome Kings)

Many have said that Dave’s music had been the catalyst and inspiration for many of the great bands to come out of the west coast of Canada. And much more could be said about the music that Dave Wenger created, he was an incredibly talented songwriter. But we hate talking about music so we’ll let it speak for itself.

If you do want more information about Dave or Daddy’s Hands here are some eulogies and histories:

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Order a copy of Daddy’s Hands – Welcome Kings from Kill Devil Hills Records

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