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By Cameron Reed

Thursday February 15, 2007

Anti-jerk and Aunty Jack

It seems like an insult to say that the members of Primes are Vancouver music veterans. They’re not old or anything, but it’s true. Both Tanya Pea (DJ Isis) and Jack Duckworth (Radio Berlin, A Luna Red) have contributed volumes to their respective music scenes for the last decade and have never compromised their unique electronic and punk sounds to “make it.” Now they’ve combined their styles and years, and with the sheer power of the legendary hair, they will turn you all into huge R&B fans. They are the new Supremes.

ONLY: Besides Tanya, what should people expect different from the new album, Facades and Pink Forms?

Tanya: This record crosses so many genres and utilises production techniques from each. I think Jack and I have stretched each other as artists, nerds, and party animals who are also nerds.

Jack: A lot of new stuff, musically and production-wise, is different. We wrote the record over a period of 12 months or so and not only were we writing the songs, but learning how to work together as two people from two totally different backgrounds – learning new software and new gear, and writing the record in various voluntary and involuntary mental states. I think the whole thing has way more depth.

ONLY: What about the singing, you sound like you’re projecting on some Diana Ross type shit?

JJD: Sure, there’s more singing and trying out stuff with our voices and experimenting. There’s an effort in trying more things than the roll-around-and-scream thing like what was going on with A Luna Red et cetera, and more snappy and upbeat than Radio Berlin. I connect less with that thing these days for the fact that’s just a faux prerequisite to be an “edgy” band. We’re more into the idea of having some energy and motion that pushes all listeners in the way to get stoked, get enveloped, bust a move.

T: Songs that are meaningful and have impact don’t need to be screamed, although screaming can drive the point home. Some of the most poignant experiences I’ve had with music have been with music that has no vocals at all.

ONLY: Is the ultimate goal to get people to bust a move?

JJD: Not entirely, but busting a move is always good.

T: I think the ultimate goal is to inspire, to make rad music minus the raging asshole vibe, and dancing is good too.

ONLY: Raging asshole vibe?

T: There are many raging assholes and they are everywhere. The idea is not to be one.

ONLY: Jack, why are music writers fixated with your hair and does my asking this question just perpetuate the idea that the public should have a fascination with it?

JJD: I dunno, man. I think a) my hair is shorter than it used to be–I look at photos from like 2001 and go “yeah, that was kinda big.” And b), it’s kinda overshadowed now by other, sometimes questionable, hairstyles. I think maybe sometimes the aesthetic isn’t “Canadian” enough for most Vancouver press. Tanya’s hair is usually better than mine most days anyway, as apparently I have “aunty” hair.

ONLY: What the hell is “aunty” hair?

T: Sometimes we call him “Aunty Jack.”

PRIMES new full-length on Postfact out soon.