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The Piccadilly Buffet

By Cameron Reed

Monday January 15, 2007

Despite the fact that this venue has been dead since John Cougar (Casbah!) stopped booking there this announcement is still a disappointment. Under new management the Pic Pub has undergone renovations for the last few months only to reopen as a pub/buffet. The booths by the front doors have been replaced by the actual buffet table and it looks like the area where the sound person once would announce drink specials (and control the sound) is now full of swivel chair bucket seats (?). It looks like they will continue catering to the Magnetized Productions crowd (if such a thing exists) as well as host the increasingly forgettable Emergenza “Festival”. So to sum things up: Nothing has changed except that after being manhandled off the stage you will be promptly placed in a highchair and offered Tandoori Chicken.

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