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Fuck Me Dead

Sarah Cordingley photo

By Sarah Cordingley

Saturday April 15, 2006

They could say something mean

Fuck Me Dead just immortalized themselves in the form of a 7” and took a tour down the coast that involved more record buying than show playing. Norm, Derek, Jason, and Scotty are half couriers (sometimes bikes, mostly “just walking around”) and half boat-builders (yachts!), and are all punk. But they’re not really sure why.

ONLY: How long have you been a band for?
Norm: We started around February of last year. I think we played our first show in… May?

Jason: May 11th, actually.

ONLY: Are you going to celebrate the anniversary of your first show?

J: Actually, yeah.
N: May 11th with Rat Traps at the Marine Club

ONLY: That’s very special. How old are you?

N: I’m 25.
D: I turned 23 yesterday.

ONLY: Happy birthday!

J: I’m 27.
Scotty: Yesterday was your birthday?

ONLY: Are you avoiding the question?

S: No. I’m 30.
N: How old are you?

ONLY: 24. I thought you guys were really young for some reason.

N: Maybe it’s because we play such simple music.

ONLY: Maybe. How are you the most punk band in Vancouver?

S: Did we say that?

ONLY: No, I’m saying that. I’m just wondering how or why or something. Why are you in this band?


ONLY: Just for fun?

N: Yeah it’s fun. To me one of the greatest feelings in the world is holding a record that you made. It’s something substantial that you’ve done. It just makes you feel sort of immortal… without sounding too Lord-of-the-Rings-ish.
S: That’s part of it.

ONLY: It’s weird that you guys are playing such a straight up kind of hardcore that happens in that Asbalt crust punk scene, but you aren’t limited to that. I mean you go over really well there, but you fit in on lots of different bills, whereas lots of those bands wouldn’t.

N: Umm… I could say something mean… but…

ONLY: Have you read our magazine?

N: I don’t know. I’d like to think that it’s just that we’re playing good music. Good music can translate to any type of show. Personally I really like playing varied bills. It’s more interesting than a show of five bands that all sound the same.

ONLY: What kind of shows do you like to play?

S: House shows are great.
D: I’ve grown to love the Astoria. I like places where I can drink and play.

ONLY: Do you get hurt a lot on stage?

D: Not that much… on a good night…
N: Not now that they took that bar out at the Astoria.

ONLY: Is there something that happens to you when you’re onstage where you stop being aware of the fact that you’re
injuring yourself?

D: There’s definitely something. When the music starts… I don’t know… I’m not the most comfortable person on stage, but when the music starts…
S: He invokes the spirit of Darby Crash.

Listen to Fuck Me Dead live on Thunderbird Radio Hell, 101.9 FM, Thursday, April 20, 2006.