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Time Travel: Yesterday's Music Yesterday Today in the Future

By Alan Hindle

Friday April 18, 2008

The 1970s were the heyday of British television funding. Thousands of pounds were poured into producing the very best dramas, cutting-edge music programs like Top of the Pops, and education. One show in particular, Look Around You, served as both televisual intelligence developer for children and grown-ups who weren’t smart enough the first time around in school, and as a living laboratory exploring the mysteries of science and entertainment simultaneously. In one episode, the presenters of Look Around You held a competition to find out what the music of 2000 AD would be like. Amazingly, their results were incredibly accurate. Such foresight surely counts as time travel, time travel of the brain, and so we represent here that fateful morning when the future of world music was decided with the help of Tchaikovsky in a briefcase. Enjoy! And think.