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Beat Kids: The Nights Get Long and Boring.

By chloe

Tuesday March 18, 2008

I did absolutely nothing this week but cook, clean, paint and take baths at 3 in the morning (I refuse to directly admit fake and baking, but that’s what brackets are for.) I didn’t think you would like to hear about such things, so I’ll sing you this little ditty instead.

Friday night I dropped by the Biltmore to see/watch/feel Dead Ghosts, The Monitors, and The Green Hour. This was a night full of adventure and confusion with Dead Ghosts giving the guitarist from The Monitors a swirly in the men’s room, then proceeding to gallivant around stage slamming drinks and generally FSU. I had a lot of fun in the mosh pit that popped out of nowhere, but exited stage left for The Monitors set to chain smoke and hit some 151 in the back alley, got back in time for The Green Hour though! If you have seen this band recently you probably have noticed that they are seriously lacking in the area of having a bassist. I guess they couldn’t find any guy willing to man up enough to get the job done so Tom Rowe brought in his Yoko. You may remember her from Shindig, you know the time they lost to Retrofire. These guys really need some help, I just wish that someone would actually provide it. The night ended with me being locked in my friend’s gated community and hiding from some dastardly creature, hope yours was better.

Saturday evening was brimming with things to do, from members of The Organ at the Astoria to the ER hosting the return of our favs White Lung, it was a party. The girls in White Lung cancelled the show, and that was outright blasphemy, but it was just to detour the narcs and five-0 while they had the most awesome show of all time. I guess you could just call it practice. Out of nowhere Nu Sensea started chicken fighting while hanging from the ceiling tiles and Terrorbird locked themselves in their jam-space. It got so crazy I had to leave!

I dropped by the Unicorn Cabaret ‘cause some hot gossip told me those girls with a website were going to show. They didn’t, figures. I was, however, hoping to give them a piece of my mind; 28 and still in high-school, tsk tsk. It takes two to tango and I suppose you have a dance partner now. Other than that I really enjoyed the music Salbourg played this time, that Ben kid’s got cred, the gummy worms in the back room were pretty alright too. I drove in the back of some kid’s pocket rocket with a mattress in the trunk to a raging house party at Quebec and Broadway. Packed room and records spinning equals good times.

Next week I hope I can write something where more than just the last paragraph is true!

Tomorrow evening Beach House are playing a sold out show at the Media Club with Papercuts, come sit outside and have a peaceful protest for bigger capacity or if that isn’t good enough for you that night at the Narrow moved to the far bigger Astoria, so camp out there this week instead. Secret Mommy, Montag and Colby Sparks are at the Royal Unicorn this Thursday. Friday night Dragonette, Sweet Thing and Piper Davi are at The Commodore. If big tickets aren’t your thing then check out The Ohsees from San Francisco, The Intelligence from Seattle, and The Nurses at Pub 340, or Better than Loneliness at the Astoria. Certain Breeds, The Barcelona Chair and Sleep Holiday will lull you into bed early the next night at the same place too.