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Some Kind of Hipster

By Chuck Ansbacher

Wednesday January 30, 2008

In Vancouver, it’s easy to tell people you’ve had a “busy year.” Writing a bunch of really positive journal entries, “flipping” a condo, cultivating a diverse collection of Lulu Lemon apparel, learning how to DJ with your MacBook really good, waking up before noon regularly… if you did at least one of those things in 2007, you officially had a busier year than 90% of the people in this city.

And then there’s Ladyhawk, who tirelessly worked their bearded bottoms off all 2007 long in an effort to turn that “lazy Vancouverite” stereotype straight on its head. By now you’ve probably heard they have a new album coming out. Big deal, right? They’re a band. That’s what they’re supposed to do. But did you know they decided to get all Metallica on us and make a documentary about the making of their album? Talk about raising the bar! Highlights from the film include: Ladyhawk going pee in a bucket, Ladyhawk emptying the bucket of pee, beer, rock, an argument about what purpose the modern beard serves the modern man in the modern age of the internet, and Ladyhawk’s bus flipping over in the snow with them in it but nobody getting hurt, thank God.

So aside from the pee bucket thing, not much to look forward to, right? Wrong! While Ladyhawk may only be about a fifteenth (or to be fair, twentieth) as lame as Metallica, anyone who’s seen Some Kind of Monster knows that one fifteenth of Metallica’s lameness is equal to the lameness of about fifty regular lame men. What does that mean? It means that Let There Be Fictional (it’s the name of the movie, FYI) is going to be incredible.