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Really Real Talk

By Adam Thomas

Tuesday December 4, 2007

You have to hand it to R. Kelly, he’s at the fucking zoo. He’s a goddamn camera animal and he just won’t stop. Despite the law suits and bad rep and recent penchant for singing exclusively about weird things like spatulas and dressers and midgets, he keeps himself alive by telling it like it really is… with Real Talk. Oops! Yup, kitten’s out of the bag. Real Talk is the secret. The amazing thing about the R is that nobody could even make a comedy sketch making fun of him because he’s already better than anything any funny person could ever think of. Take this new straight to the web exclusive. It takes the whole I’mtellingyoueverythingI’mthinking… andeverythingshe’sthinking… aswehaveafightonthephone concept to a whole new level. It could just as easily be an SNL Digital Short, but then it wouldn’t be funny because it wouldn’t be Real Talk. Ain’t that shit some Real Talk?