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Saturday December 1, 2007


The 2010 Olympic Mascots were unveiled and were met with a chorus of white guilt.

The Carnegie Public Library got the Dave Look treatment, meaning he got drunk on a mickey of Fireball in the corner, passed out and pissed his jeans. And then got dumped again.

Chloe complained about every single thing she did last week, and who can blame her?

Another three word title for a Bob Dylan movie, another rant about how the sixties ruined everything.

Certain Breeds explained why they love vitamin supplements so much.

Always looking for a way to bank a mil the easy way, Alan spent the better part of his week in tanning salons, charring his skin off, applying makeup to it and shipping the beauty strips to Moscow’s nouveau riche.

– We get to crush super hard on Fanshaw for one last week, because she made it to the Shindig finals!

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