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Friday November 23, 2007


– If you didn’t get a chance to LOL at least once this week, you obviously didn’t read Hindle Me This. The man is crazy.

– If you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet, American Gangster is a piece of shit. Don’t waste your money seeing it. You can download it here And after you watch it and almost have a wet one when Denzel yells “They tried to kill MY WIFE!” read about how bullshit that movie really truly actually is.

Vancouver continues to eat its artists.

– Who the hell keeps getting our little Chloe drunk and taking photos of her?

We won! We won! We... what the fuck did we win???

– If you want to see a good Sidney Lumet movie, you should probably just rent The Wiz.

– Who would have guessed that with all that buzz, that Yeasayer album would have been so weak?