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Saturday November 3, 2007


– If you can think of a better thing to do at a strip club than eat a clubhouse sandwich, then you have a different definition of “better” than we do.

– Did anybody out there take our advice and go as the Swirly Face Pedophile for Halloween?

– We just couldn’t resist taking the piss out of The Vancouver View. The term “shooting fish in a barrel” may seem applicable, but fuck it. Fish in barrels deserve to get shot.

– In case you didn’t hear the news, vampires suck, and we can never resist a good pun.

The Soulja Boy is officially the new Macarena.

– Adam got Bruce McDonald, the Canadian director of Tracey Fragments, to admit that he’s better than Brian DePalma.

– At the ripe old age of 26, Alan Hindle attended his 20th high school reunion.

– Best Blurgh title yet: Blow-Jobs for Algernon.

Check out OTTO’s Flickr page for more amazing photos.