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Friday September 21, 2007


– With the legitimacy of information found on the internet generally held under great scrutiny, why are journalists using it as a primary source? If you don’t know the answer to that question, it means that you somehow missed our earth-shattering indictment of CanWest’s lazy journalists. Read it now, and make good with God… She’s watching.

– Aside from Scrabulous on Facebook, calling bullshit on the Province has officially become our new favourite pastime. We called them out for sensationalism with their six-part-series on youth gangs, and they retaliated. It’s Only vs. the Province everybody! Watch out for more muckraking next week. We’re coming strong.

– Amil weighed in on the Sally Field censorship debacle, and put FOX in their free-speech-hating place.

– We learned that there are still a few people in this city who still own castles in Dubai.

– Chris-a-Riffic wished Better Friends than Lovers good luck on their impending (and ambitious) tour by eating chocolate smokes and making up phrases like “unicorn on the cob pipe bomb.”

Don’t tase me, bro! became a pop-culture catch-phrase, and predictably looks great on a t-shirt.

– While our regular album-reviewing married couple are out Eurotrippin’, we found another album-reviewing married couple to sub in. They did a great job filling Meg & Jeph’s gigantic shoes.

– Never heard of Uwe Boll? Well, we apologise for telling you about him. Sorry.