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Damage Done

By Adam Thomas

Friday April 13, 2007


There are some good cops out there. They are the men and women who can think for themselves and take what it means to do their job, seriously. While they are law enforcement officers, the inherent vagueness of their oath allows room for intelligent interpretation as to what “enforcement” means. For members of L.E.A.P (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) it means not busting you for smoking weed, hell maybe not even busting you if you have a twenty up your nose. Because for them it is no big secret that the War on Drugs is a total bust; an ideological battle getting us nowhere and in fact perpetuating a devastating cycle of misspent energy that truly, only keeps the whole mess going round. Filled with honest and totally surprising interviews from Police Officers from across North America, director Connie Littlefield’s documentary The Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey about the failure of our prohibition style war on drugs is playing as part of The No More Drug War Double Bill this weekend. With testimonials from cops and judges from Texas and Florida to Vancouver and California this is one of those rare documentaries that is so eloquent and concise that you couldn’t think of a better way to express or even explore the subject. Of course Larry Campbell’s in it but so is fucking Serpico.

Plays Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th from 12:30 – 4:30 at VanCity Theatre downtown. With Guests