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By Adam Thomas

Thursday April 5, 2007


We saw this movie at ten in the morning, and still came out high fiving. Grindhouse is a big fuck you to everyone else making “BIG” movies these days, and is also the most ridiculous concept movie ever. It’s so much fun, so over the top and so ludicrously wild that any criticisms you hear will come off as total gripes from people who are either too old, too lame or secretly just hate movies. You don’t have to know anything about “B” movies to appreciate what Quentin Tarantino and his pal Robert Rodriguez have made. All you need to know is that if you have EVER had fun laughing at sloppy zombies or getting thrilled by high speed car chases, this will be the best 10 bucks you’ll spend all summer. Calling it right now, better than Indiana Jones 4.