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Air Guitar Nation Again

By Adam Thomas

Thursday March 22, 2007

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a really good movie at a film festival and then finding out that it never got picked up for distribution. This happens all the time when foreign and indie movies play the festival circuit and then disappear into movie limbo, sometimes forever. Luckily, on some rare occasions, a film manages to create enough buzz to convince someone to throw down some cash for the distribution rights and release it theatrically.

If you follow Only with the same feverish intensity that we follow cricket (World Cup fever y’all!), you’ve probably read, re-read, memorized and then recited our article on Air Guitar Nation to your kids as you tuck them in to bed at night. It completely took us by storm while it was playing at the Whistler Film Festival (where it went on to win best doc). We were going through a pretty serious Guitar Hero phase (which we continue to struggle with every day) and became really impressed by how exciting such a seemingly juvenile activity could become. More surprising was just how seriously some people took it.

Air Guitar Nation opens up on March 30th at the Granville 7. That gives you a week to brush up on your wail face, fine tune your licks, and prepare to rock out. This movie is so fun that you’ll be begging us to set up a Canadian air guitar championship. (BTW we would like to do that if anyone wants to help us organize it. Seriously.)