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Rockers (1978)

Rockers (1978) Directed by Ted Bafaloukos

By Adam Thomas

Wednesday November 15, 2006

Directed by Ted Bafaloukos While there are no skateboards in this Rastafarian classic, there is a hell of a lot of ganja and reggae music. The film is spectacular on many fronts, least of which is that musicians like Peter Tosh and members of Burning Spear play themselves. This isn’t lame Westernised reggae, this is the real deal and the colours, styles, and look of the film will make you wish Jamaica wasn’t so fucked up. Basically, a bunch of Rastas try to produce some records but run into local gangsters who get in the way. The fact that the film is subtitled is a blessing, because when I closed my eyes and just listened I couldn’t understand a word they were saying.