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By Adam Thomas

Tuesday October 7, 2008

ONLY PICK: Gomorrah

There’s that opening scene to Sexy Beast where Ray Winstone is wearing a hot pink speedo and suntanning beside the pool, talking about how hot it is. Just as he gets up and steps over the camera, his speedo-ed “marble bag” front and center and the frame freezes and the title reads Sexy Beast. It’s kind of badass and strangely original. This Italian gangster movie is a little like that. It takes the convention of the gangster movie and breathes a whole lot of life into it. And it should, seeing as it’s based on the bestselling book by a guy who knew the glamour and gore of Neapolitan Mafia life. In fact the book was so honest and telling that the author is still in hiding to this day. Should have been a filmmaker.

ONLY suggests…

11:00 am – GR4 – Hunger
02:30 pm – GR3 – Under Bombs
04:00 pm – GR7 – Flame and Citron or p.118
04:30 pm – GR2 – After School
07:00 pm – RIDI Am Good
07:00 pm – GR7 – Edison and Leo or p.92
09:00 pm – GR4 – Wendy and Lucy
09:30 pm – GR7 – Gomorrah or p.127
09:30 pm – GR2 – Real Time or p. 109
09:45 pm – RIDRocknRolla or p.143

Location Guide: GR1,2,3,4,5,6,7=Granville 7 | VCT=Vancity Theatre | PCT=Pacific Cinematheque | RID=Ridge