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By Adam Thomas

Saturday October 4, 2008

ONLY PiICK: Romance of Astre and Celadon

Tonight we’re giving it up to the classic foreign film cliche. An Eric Rhomer film is about as film festival as you can get. Old school. In fact he’s been making “morality films” since the 1950s. That’s a pretty long time. Brought to you by the French consulate, this is a story of tough love, where she (a shepherdess) gets mad at him (a shepherd) and well, it’s a whole lot of Romeo and Juliet, but it’s by a French master so….. AOT

ONLY suggests…

10:00 am – GR7 – O’Horten
10:45 am – PCTThe Juche Idea
01:00 pm – GR7 – Wendy and Lucy
01:30 pm – GR2 – Blind Loves
02:00 pm – GR4 – Growing Op
06:00 pm – GR5 – The Atom Smashers or p.173
06:20 pm – GR4 – Erik Nietzsche:The Early Years
06:40 pm – GR3 – Romance of Astrea and Celadon
07:00 pm – RIDThe Equation of Love and Death
07:15 pm – GR6 – The Song of Sparrows
08:45 pm – GR5 – Louise Bourgeois:The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine
09:15 pm – RIDWelcome To the Sticks or p.157
09:45 pm – GR7 – Sparrow

Location Guide: GR1,2,3,4,5,6,7=Granville 7 | VCT=Vancity Theatre | PCT=Pacific Cinematheque | RID=Ridge